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    Dealer Principal - Richard Oakley

Established in 1976, Oakley Shipping is located on the waterfront of Victoria's second largest city, Geelong.

With our extensive market presence - both within Australia and internationally - Oakley Shipping provides the best possible opportunity for both buyers and sellers of all types of vessels and licences.

Through our links with other international brokers, we are able to assist in offering and procuring available vessels for clients throughout the world.

Oakley Shipping specialise in the sale, lease and chartering of fishing boats, supply vessels, tugs and passenger/cruise vessels. We act as
licence/quota brokers, Valuers, Marine Consultants and Project Managers for newbuilds.

We assist in arranging the inspection of vessels, as well as in the negotiations of contract terms. We pride ourselves on ensuring that necessary documentation is acurate to ensure the execution each transaction protects all parties involved.

Upon the placement of your purchase enquiry with us, we will try to find suitable vessels for sale, and present their details for your consideration including newbuilding possibilities.

If you wish to sell your vessel, we will market your vessel among our world-wide customers/connections in order to obtain an acceptable offer to purchase.

Extensive marketing of vessels is carried out through this website, as well as on major vessel sale portals, social media, marine publications, and directly to operators, owners, and other industry related companies.

The team at Oakley Shipping is viewed highly for its broad knowledge of the market, on both the domestic and international market place, and as such is well positioned to advise on matters pertaining to market conditions and prices. As a result the firm's brokers are often called upon to advise and place a market value assessment on vessels for owners, buyers and lending institutions.

Through our own expertise we will ensure that whether you are buying, selling, chartering or leasing a commercial vessel or licence, your business will be dealt with in a highly skilled and efficient manner.

If you would like details of vessels that may suit your operational requirements, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.