Increased catch approved fro Blue Grenadier (17/07/2019)

A new rule designed to protect seabirds could drastically reduce the supply of Australia's fresh fish and hit the industry hard, trawl fishers say. (02/07/2019)

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Sunshine seafood retailer fined $7500 for traffick rock lobster (17/04/2019)


Oil company's seismic testing approval creates waves in Tasmanian fishing industry (16/05/2019)

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South Australia

Tuna on the menu all year round, with industry breakthrough (17/07/2019)

POMS-resistant Oysters given new lease of life (26/06/2019)

World oil price slump and trade tensions unlikely to deter Great Australian Bight oil drilling (11/06/2019)

Rock Lobster Season closure to begin (24/05/2019)

Western Australia

Abrolhos Islands seabirds using fishing rope, netting and plastic to build their nests, prompting calls for research (15/07/2019)

Rock lobster industry rejects new WA deal that would increase supply for local consumers (23/05/2019)

Eyes on the water to protect our valued fisheries (17/05/2019)


Last chance to have a say on proposed changes to Fisheries Regulation (20/06/2019)

Taking to the skies to protect our fisheries (20/06/2019)

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New South Wales

Crab poachers feeling the heat in NSW (12/07/2019)

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NSW Famers and Fishers get business savvy with new program (03/06/2019)

Big stick for small fry fishing offences (17/05/2019)

Northern Territory

Arnhem Land fishermen prohibited from selling their barramundi threaten coastal closure (17/05/2019)

The Northern Prawn Fishery industry leading innovation in bycatch reduction (23/04/2019)