77th AFMA Commission Meeting - Chairman's Summary (11/06/2021)

Operation Jawline intercepts 19 illegal foreign fishing vessles (05/06/2021)

Australian lobsters back on the menu as Chinese 'grey trade' fires up again (03/06/2021)

NOx emission requirements for marine diesel engines on domestic commercial vessels (28/05/2021)

Seafood Industry Australia builds trust in brand Australia through seafood traceability initiative (26/05/2021)

Fishers must report all catch – even catch for personal use (19/05/2021)

Seafood Industry Australia's guide to the Federal Budget 2021/2022 at a glance (12/05/2021)

Tackling the ghostly killers in our oceans (02/05/2021)

more National news

The collateral damage of Australia trade war with china (26/04/2021)

$20 million to revolutionise Commonwealth fisheries (20/04/2021)

Industry support VMS to monitor Commonwealth fisheries (08/04/2021)

New Australian Lower House inquiry to help boost aquaculture sector (07/04/2021)

Chairs sought for Management Advisory Committees (29/03/2021)

AFMA Annual Public Meeting 2021 (19/03/2021)

Aquaculture to lead seafood’s pandemic recovery (02/03/2021)

Applications open for National Seafood Indusry Leadership Program (25/02/2021)

Redleg banana prawn stocks benefit from a mature industry making sound decisions (22/02/2021)

AFMA Annual Pubic Meeting - invitation to attend (11/02/2021)

Seafood sales boom during COVID but Australia's industry wants greater market share post-pandemic (03/02/2021)

Fishers reject claims Australians are 'eating endangered sharks' under the guise of flake (20/01/2021)

Commercial fishing vessel retrieves 10 year old trawl net from ocean floor (19/01/2021)

Members sought for Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery Management Advisory Committee (05/01/2020)

East coast mussel lovers gain access to yesterday's haul (28/12/2020)

Northern Prawn Fishery benefiting from evolving co-management arrangements with industry (16/12/2020)

China to build $200 million fishery project on Australia’s doorstep (08/12/2020)

Fisheries Research & Development Corporation News - Dec 2020 (04/12/2020)

Trusted Advocates network pilot announced for Australian seafood industry (25/11/2020)

Australian lobster exports feared latest victim of China tensions (01/11/2020)

‘Unprecedented internationally’: Australian seafood given sustainability tick for seventh consecutive year (12/10/2020)

Multi-country operation monitoring high seas fishing in South Pacific Ocean (08/10/2020)

Australia Bay Seafoods puts safety first with float-free EPIRBs (18/09/2020)

Australian Tuna sector short of crew (16/09/2020)

AMSA update - September 2020 edition (15/09/2020)

Public Call for Research Proposals for potential AFMA funding in 2021-2022 (14/09/2020)

AFMA and Australian Border Force working together to remove marine threats (10/09/2020)

National Compliance and Enforcement Program 2020/2021 (31/08/2020)

Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery sustainability certification achieved through our marine parks grants (28/08/2020)

Studying Environmental Science led to a career as a Fisheries Officer (18/08/2020)

SIA announces appointment of Veronica Papacosta as CEO (17/08/2020)

Seafood industry to utilise new technology in fight against food fraud (24/07/2020)

$10 million in levies for commonwealth fishers to be waived (14/07/2020)

International Freight Assistance Mechanism extended to help food exporters during pandemic (03/07/2020)

All National Law exemptions have been extended until 30 June 2025 (30/06/2020)

AFMA delivers compliance operations during the pandemic (30/06/2020)

Study confirms that world fish stocks healthy and abundant (08/06/2020)

Lobster packaging solution wins design award (29/05/2020)

AMSA inspectors to atttend man overboard on commercial fishing vessel (19/05/2020)

Industry reminded to get on board with float-free EPIRBs (11/05/2020)

New air freight network to boost agricultural and fisheries exports (23/04/2020)

AFMA to refund Commonwealth fishing levy instalments and the Torres Strait Prawn Fishery levy instalment (21/04/2020)

Sashimi-grade tuna set to be sold at Coles (19/04/2020)

Seafood industry moves online to stay afloat as COVID-19 launches fishos into uncharted waters (09/04/2020)

AFMA's national compliance plan during COVID-19 pandemic (06/04/2020)

Australian fishermen brokering deal to fly lobsters to China, get coronavirus medical supplies in return (01/04/2020)

Securing freight access for Australian Agricultural & Fisheries exporters (01/04/2020)

Coronavirus shutdown may have peaked in China but Australian exporters still struggling due to airfreight (26/03/2020)

Live fish trade plummets as coronavirus blamed for scaring customers away from Chinese restaurants (12/03/2020)

"Get on board" with Australia's wild prawn fishers (11/03/2020)

Seafood production value expected to dip in 2019/2020 (03/03/2020)

New requirements for vessels carrying passengers (28/02/2020)

Coronavirus devastates Australian export businesses (04/02/2020)

RMIT developing safer approach to parasite diagnostic testing of Australian Tuna (30/01/2020)

AFMA annual public meeting 2020 (29/01/2020)

Fish stocks now threatened by bushfire run-off (20/01/2020)

Crayfish could be next boom seafood industry with breakthrough breeding technology (22/12/2019)

Electrical safety on your vessel (20/12/2019)

Levy & arrangements for 2019/2020 (19/12/2019)

Indonesian fishing vessel apprehended near Ashmore Island (13/12/2019)

Marine heatwaves threatening oyster industry and affecting Great Barrier Reef, scientists warn (25/11/2019)

Lots to celebrate about the seafood on your plate this World Fisheries Day (21/11/2019)

Cooperation key to sustainable and profitable Commonwealth fisheries (21/11/2019)

World Fisheries Congress 2020 call for abstracts opens (19/11/2019)

‘Our Pledge’: Australia’s seafood industry launches social licence campaign (24/10/2019)

Commonwealth managed fish stocks receive positive report card following independent assessment (27/09/2019)

Fisheries face challenging future under climate change, report warns (26/09/2019)

Quarter of world's commercial fishing lines lost or abandoned, study finds (19/09/2019)

Revisions to the Gillnet and SPF Dolphin Strategies (10/09/2019)

National Compliance and Enforcement Program for 2019-2020 (03/09/2019)

67th AFMA Commission meeting - Chairmans summary (28/08/2019)

Fishing for Safety (23/08/2019)

Customs officers catch Australian ship importers out on tax dodge (22/07/2019)

Increased catch approved for Blue Grenadier (17/07/2019)

Global cooperation key to strengthening fisheries compliance (09/07/2019)

A new rule designed to protect seabirds could hit the industry hard, trawl fishers say. (02/07/2019)

Top work by Commonwealth Operators reconciling their quota on time (27/06/2019)

Jail time for repeat offender found fishing illegally in marine park (26/06/2019)

Multi-agency fisheries and maritime patrol in the Gulf of Carpentaria (12/06/2019)

Heightened security measures to impact all Australian exporters (01/03/2019)


Restrictions change for abalone disease as surveillance continues (25/05/2021)

Abalone disease emerges at Cape Nelson (04/05/2021)

Victorian Government increases allowed commercial catch of scallops (18/03/2021)

Victorian rock lobster industry 'on its knees' in ongoing China trade dispute (20/02/2021)

more Victorian news

Regulation bites as new rules hit Corner Inlet fish catches (24/09/2020)

Port Fairy police release clear footage of two males deliberately setting fishing boat adrift (30/08/2020)

Commercial Octopus Fishery Licences Secured In Gippsland (28/08/2020)

Fears seismic testing undermining southern rock lobster industry's recovery efforts (09/08/2020)

Seismic surveying reduces whiting catch rate by 99.5 per cent, research finds (05/08/2020)

French-owned seismic surveyor CGG ordered to improve compensation for Lakes Entrance fishers (15/07/2020)

Victorian fishers say catch has dropped by 80 per cent since the start of seismic surveying (08/06/2020)

Car seized and five arrested at Cape Schanck (20/03/2020)

Costly calamari catch for illegal fisher (16/03/2020)

Concerns aired over seismic blasting in the Otway Basin (10/02/2020)

Fresh local fish back on sale in Victoria for the first time in decades (03/02/2020)

South-west rock lobster fishers celebrate as state government rolls over quota to next financial year (30/01/2020)

Trio nabbed with three times the abalone limit (02/01/2020)

Abalone duo apprehended at Altona Beach (10/12/2019)

New Fisheries podcast set to make a splash (27/11/2019)

Tensions rise ahead of net fishing ban on the Gippsland Lakes (10/11/2019)

Boat seized for illegal calamari catches (01/11/2019)

Victoria bans commercial fishing on Gippsland Lakes, prioritising recreational fishing (16/10/2019)

East Gippsland Shire Councillors have thrown their support behind Gippsland Lakes commercial fishing licence holders (12/10/2019)

Have your say to support Victoria's growing fishing industry (26/09/2019)

Phillip Island Nature Parks and SETFIA putting Bins on Boats (25/09/2019)

Seafood Industry Australia response to Gippsland Lakes commercial ban (28/08/2019)

Gippsland Lakes commercial netting ban another step closer (27/08/2019)

SIA reels in Melbourne’s fishers to help build community trust (19/08/2019)

Duo arrested for illegal fish sales (25/07/2019)

Abalone duo fined $15,000 and lose car (05/06/2019)

Sunshine seafood retailer fined $7500 for trafick rock lobster (17/04/2019)


Killer whales stripping long-line fishers of catch in the Southern Ocean (03/05/2021)

Less paperwork, more fishing (17/03/2021)

Backing our wild fishing industry (11/03/2021)

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Total allowable catch set for rock lobster fishery (19/01/2021)

Southern rock lobster industry fears seismic testing in Bass Strait could threaten crayfish populations (14/01/2020)

Freight flights from Hobart to Hong Kong (02/12/2020)

Cutting red tape in our fishing industry (20/11/2020)

Tasmanian Seafood Industry News Oct/Nov (05/11/2020)

Acacia Hills man, 52, among three charged with 'serious' rock lobster fishing offences (29/10/2020)

Fish Profit Slump: Managing risks during COVID-19 (13/09/2020)

Tasmanian Seafood Industry News Aug/Sept (31/08/2020)

Rock Lobster Fishery Season opening dates for 2020 (08/08/2020)

Local shark fisher Leigh Castle says he and other fishers are seeing a lot more school shark out and about (24/07/2020)

Tasmanian lobster, abalone exports at risk as latest COVID-19 outbreak closes Beijing markets (19/06/2020)

Sea urchin harvest rates increasing (10/06/2020)

Tasmanian Seafood Industry News - April edition (17/04/2020)

Tasmanian abalone industry optimistic despite effects of coronavirus (16/03/2020)

Australian Maritime College ranked No 1 internationally (05/03/2020)

Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council Industry News Feb/Mar 2020 (21/02/2020)

Huon Aquaculture's developing class of whopper salmon (21/02/2020)

Former Marine Farming Review Panel members to address parliamentary inquiry on fish farming (20/02/2020)

Petuna ocean trout features in world's top restaurants (20/02/2020)

Lobster fisherman hopes to survive impact of coronavirus, rising costs, with help from local fans (19/02/2020)

Rockliffs sell their share of Petuna Aquaculture (30/01/2020)

Tasmanian government announces measures to support rock lobster industry (29/01/2020)

Peter and Una Rockliff celebrate seven decades in seafood industry (29/11/2019)

Abalone limit cut rejected, council member out, amid fears for Tasmanian fishery's future (21/10/2019)

WIN News Tasmania TV report on King Island's crayfishers (01/10/2019)

Seafood Industry Council welcomes Senate inquiry into seismic testing (17/09/2019)

Council cries poor and asks salmon giant Tassal to pay for-dam (09/09/2019)

Hungry seals to cop water spray deterrent under new Tassal application (06/09/2019)

Tasmanian salmon farm takes to open, wild water in 'fortress pens' built for millions at Storm Bay (04/09/2019)

Call for Expressions of Interest for Scalefish Fishery Advisory Committee (SFAC) (27/08/2019)

Lobster industry on the menu for Tasmania (18/08/2019)

Abalone industry tackles thorny issue (31/07/2019)

Scientist calls for more research into seismic surveys as they leave lobsters flat on their backs (26/07/2019)

Oil company's seismic testing approval creates waves in Tasmanian fishing industry (16/05/2019)

Flake fishers say school shark numbers are soaring but regulators won't lift quotas (07/05/2019)

Anti-salmon farm protest takes to the water at King Island (22/04/2019)

Salmon industry 'paying pittance' for marine debris fines, Greens senator Nick McKim says (17/04/2019)

South Australia

Pipis popularity creating jobs for local community (09/05/2021)

Fishers fight on for viability after quota appeals, as peak body seeks government help (07/05/2021)

Fisher banned from taking Blue Swimmer Crabs for five years (05/05/2021)

Aussie oyster farm equipment maker looks to accelerate export growth despite COVID restrictions (16/04/2021)

Food workers' jobs to go as South Australian plant fails to find new work (07/04/2021)

South Australian rock lobster industry assistance (01/04/2021)

South East snapper fishery closed as quota snapped up (01/04/2021)

more South Australian news

World Fisheries Congress to inject nearly $3m into SA economy (27/03/2021)

On the hook for increased fishing fines (14/03/2021)

Southern bluefin tuna joint AFMA/ PIRSA patrol (26/02/2021)

Booming oyster sales help Angel spread wings (23/02/2021)

Bight Petroleum application to extend Great Australian Bight work rejected (13/02/2021)

Thousands of baby snapper to be released into SA gulf waters to boost fish stock recovery (13/01/2021)

Fishing fines increase for first time in 30 years (29/12/2020)

The bust and boom of Port Lincoln's tuna fishing industry and the people who made it (05/12/2020)

Bigger fish to fry: fishers surrender 130 licences (28/11/2020)

South Australia Oyster company acquires additional leases in Eyre Peninsula (18/11/2020)

Reforms to put two-thirds of local commercial fishers out of business, stakeholders say (10/11/2020)

West Beach aquatic research centre receives a $16m boost (04/11/2020)

South Australian fishing reforms prompt warning of 'brawls on the water' (04/11/2020)

West Coast fishery 'saved' by change to Marine Scalefish Fishery reform package (02/11/2020)

Cutting red tape for sustainable prawns in SA (30/10/2020)

Next steps for Marine Scalefish Fishery reform (30/10/2020)

Seafood Advisory Forum members on the hook (21/10/2020)

Recfish SA calls for ban on commercial take of spawning kingfish (15/10/2020)

West Coast fishers reeling from priority species quota of $1,300 a year (28/09/2020)

Gulf St Vincent snapper stocks decline further (26/09/2020)

Abalone Association hopeful of changes to marine parks (25/09/2020)

Buyback deadline looming for Kangaroo Island commercial fishers (21/09/2020)

SA's rock lobster season opens early to recoup COVID-19 losses, but uncertainty lingers (18/09/2020)

Southern bluefin tuna companies unite to develop domestic market after sales to Japan fall (15/09/2020)

Yorke Peninsula fishers seek assurances over seaweed farm 'game changer' (15/09/2020)

Rock lobster fishery to open early this year (28/08/2020)

South Australian scalefish industry to be 'divided' by new quota model as investors circle (21/08/2020)

Next steps for Marine Scalefish Fishery reform (15/08/2020)

More than 70 per cent of sustainable snapper catch snapped up (06/08/2020)

Tuna partnership to drive youth employment (06/08/2020)

First licence surrendered under commercial fishing reforms (26/06/2020)

Lobster fishers net new plan to tackle global markets (16/06/2020)

Building the seafood state (10/06/2020)

Historic Fisheries reform gets underway (25/05/2020)

Fears of corporate takeover as SA Government seeks to put quotas on fisheries (19/05/2020)

Two Hands blockchain marketing alternative to wet markets for SA southern rock lobster fishers (11/05/2020)

China's May Day drives SA rock lobster prices through the roof, but WA fishermen yet to profit (09/05/2020)

SA The Seafood State - A stronger fishing future (08/05/2020)

Tide turns towards retail for kingfish producer (01/05/2020)

Fee relief for fishing industry in wake of Coronavirus (09/04/2020)

Air freight deal opens up SA seafood exports to Asia (01/04/2020)

Economic Boost through expansion of Aquaculture Zones (18/03/2020)

Life on the Line - the amazing story of Southern Bluefin Tuna (25/12/2019)

When the coronavirus spread, the village of Port MacDonnell was brought to its knees (24/02/2020)

Southern Bluefin tuna joint patrol (10/02/2020)

Fisheries pinch lands crab fisher in deep water (05/02/2020)

Abalone industry eyes on China situation (05/02/2020)

Coronavirus outbreak affects Chinese lobster demand (29/01/2020)

Oyster industry close to pre-POMS production (20/01/2020)

Expensive Seafood - Today Tonight news story on SA's fishing industry (19/12/2019)

Christmas sales cap off a strong year for SA seafood (17/12/2019)

Charter operators encouraged to make changes in light of snapper ban (22/11/2019)

World leading Southern Zone Rock Lobster plan out for comment (01/11/2019)

Positivity in southern bluefin tuna stock recovery (14/10/2019)

Australian Ocean Jacket gains foothold in China (14/10/2019)

Early Australian catches point to strong Southern Rock Lobster season (11/10/2019)

Marine Scale Fishermen take a stand on quota reform (08/10/2019)

West Coast fishers puzzled and angered by statewide snapper fishing ban (07/10/2019)

Extension for aquaculture leases to benefit seafood sector (07/10/2019)

Port Lincoln octopus business part of fishery study (01/10/2019)

Seafood Industry Australia asks SA Government to review its snap decision to ban snapper (30/09/2019)

What does the snapper fishing ban really mean for South Australian fishers? (29/09/2019)

PIRSA Press Release - Statewide Snapper ban (27/09/2019)

Commercial Blue Swimmer Crab fisher discovers invasive crab species in SA waters (09/09/2019)

SA Opposition calls for urgent snapper ban review on how it will affect on commercial fishers and charter operators (28/08/2019)

Oyster industry showing signs of recovery (23/08/2019)

Great Australian Bight seismic surveys deferred to 2020 (22/08/2019)

Snapper fishing may be banned for three years in South Australia (07/08/2019)

SA to reel in growth through new Seafood Industry Forum (29/07/2019)

Tuna parasite threatening Port Lincoln's multi-million-dollar industry tackled by researchers (25/07/2019)

Tuna on the menu all year round, with industry breakthrough (17/07/2019)

POMS-resistant Oysters given new lease of life (26/06/2019)

Western Australia

Small South Coast fishers fear fishery changes will be the end of the line (15/06/2021)

Bernier Island pink snapper closure (01/06/2021)

Effective fisheries management reduces humpback entanglements (05/05/2021)

Push to re-open commercial shark fishing in WA (18/04/2021)

WAFIC CEO message to industry (06/04/2021)

WA Fishing industry calls for strong local labelling including state of origin (30/03/2021)

WRL's first Coastal Tour of 2021 a Great Success (15/03/2021)

WA's most sustainable seafood revealed in Sustainable Seafood Awards 2021 (10/03/201)

more Western Australian news

Seafood Festival coming to Fremantle in 2022 (25/02/2021)

Prawn Fisheries recertified (09/02/2021)

Western rock lobster from Geraldton head to supermarkets across Australia amid China trade woes (12/12/2020)

WAFIC consolidates for COVID recovery (01/12/2020)

WA boatbuilder makes gains in emergency vessel sector (04/11/2020)

Thriving marine life captured on video off south-west coast (30/10/2020)

Grants open for Small-Medium business to access Asian Markets (15/10/2020)

WA tropical rock oyster project gives Pilbara Indigenous community 'a sense of achievement' (12/10/2020)

Crystal crabs immune to impact of coronavirus, selling for more than $300 (08/10/2020)

WAFIC represents industry at Senate Committee into seismic testing (01/10/2020)

WAFIC - CEO message to industry (30/09/2020)

Back of boat sales change brings cheap lobsters to locals (15/09/2020)

WAFIC - CEO message to industry (01/09/2020)

Western Australia casts online net to catch new seafood exports (28/08/2020)

Shark Bay crabber invents new pot, triples his catch rate, and has best season in 15 years (14/08/2020)

WRL’s DECK Program returns to deliver professional development opportunities to industry (01/08/2020)

WAFIC - CEO message to industry (30/07/2020)

WRL Access Fees Arrangements in Response to Covid-19 Impacts (23/07/2020)

Geralton rock lobster fisher Sam Vincent Basile cops $8m penalty for overfishing (24/06/2020)

Finfish nursery to accelerate mid west aquaculture project (09/06/2020)

Award-winning Geraldton producers imporove region's reputation as seafood hotspot (20/05/2020)

Rare Rock Oyster expands WA Aquaculture potential (08/05/2020)

Dept of Transport confirms waiver details for commercial pen and mooring holders (21/04/2020)

Ocean Grown Abalone freeze plans for Esperance facility following hit to overseas sales (13/04/2020)

Fact Sheet - Covid-19 Relief Measures for commercial fishing in WA (09/04/2020)

WA Government approves seafood industry stimulus package (08/04/2020)

Abalone producer welcomes emergency export flight plan as Chinese demand drops (07/04/2020)

New air freight and funding support measures announced (01/04/2020)

WAFIC CEO message to members (31/03/2020)

Canned tuna and salmon production to be revived in Albany by local business (19/03/2020)

Andrew Forrest says concerns over 'pillaging' of oceans prompted aquaculture push (03/03/2020)

Coronavirus trade closure makes lobster cheaper for Australian shoppers (04/02/2020)

New Board appointments for WA Fishing Industry Council (03/02/2020)

Crayfish industry halts exports as coronavirus shuts down Lunar New Year celebrations (26/01/2020)

New WA Fishereis Minister (18/12/2019)

WA's Seafoody Industy: A billion dollar story (13/12/2019)

Western Australia pulls world first with MSC-Certified sustainable Sea Cucumber Fishery (11/12/2019)

Local lobster is back on the menu for Christmas (29/11/2019)

Professional WA Octopus Fishery achieves world leasing sustainability milestone (20/11/2019)

From ocean to plate, it's favoured in Asia (19/11/2019)

New Executive Officer at Western Rock Lobster (18/11/2019)

New-look board to lead fresh strategy for WA Fishing Industry Council (01/11/2019)

Western Rock Lobster TACC increased by 5% for 2020/2021 season (30/10/2019)

WA Seafood Industry presents submission to Legislative Committee on pricate property rights (29/10/2019)

Public consultation opens on plan to boost pink snapper stocks in the Gascoyne (23/10/2019)

Police Commissioner recognises WA Seafood Industry in Geraldton (16/10/2019)

Doors open on new Augusta abalone facility (08/10/2019)

Whale migration research helps reduce environmental impact of fisheries (04/10/2019)

Mandurah Licensed Fishermen Association and local Council concerned over effects of proposed new marina (01/10/2019)

WA's Seafood Industry is watching your coastline (23/09/2019)

Shark Bay fishers keep their operations small to preserve their lifestyle, fish stocks (20/09/2019)

Western Rock Lobsters DECK Program returns to provide professional development opportunities to industry (17/09/2019)

WA's Dept of Primary Industries recently concluded a series of patrols aimed at protecting the pink snapper fishery of the Gascoyne region (23/08/2019)

New measures brought in to protect blue swimmer crabs to affect Commercial Fishers (21/08/2019)

Illegal fishing activity attracts big penalties (15/08/2019)

Western Rock Lobster make TACC recommendation to the Minister for the 2020/21 season (14/08/2019)

WA Lobster group on tour (06/08/2019)

WA’s world-class fisheries management improves sustainability of fisheries (25/07/2019)

Abrolhos Islands seabirds using fishing rope, netting and plastic to build their nests, prompting calls for research (15/07/2019)


Spanish mackerel stocks under threat from overfishing, government says (14/06/2021)

Gold Coast seaway dredging to begin soon (11/06/2021)

Latest Sustainable Fisheries Strategy report card delivered (12/03/2021)

East coast black jewfish season closed after catch limit reached (08/03/2021)

China pulls the plug on Australia's biggest live reef fish exporter (25/02/2021)

Recreational fishing is booming in Queensland, so should fishers pay a licence fee? (24/02/2021)

​Federal Agriculture Minister orders review into raw prawn import risks following white spot outbreaks (24/02/2021)

Environmentalists and fishers clash over best way to prevent marine life entanglements (18/02/2021)

Lunar New Year serves up mixed fortunes for food exporters grounded by tariffs, lockdowns (12/02/2021)

more QLD news

White spot virus killing wild Australian prawns and crabs, with some experts saying 'it is here to stay' (17/01/2021)

Queensland fisherman's illegally modified tinny crushed into scrap metal (06/01/2021)

Queensland coral trout exports latest victim of trade war with China (19/11/2020)

Coral trout hatchery in Cairns brings fish bred in captivity to the menu (10/11/2020)

Sealink welcomes new ferry into service (14/10/2020)

SEQ fishing businesses diversify with new grants funding (02/10/2020)

Fisheries regulation overhaul to support Queensland’s economic recovery (30/09/2020)

Queensland Government economic recovery grant for live seafood exporter (11/09/2020)

Fishery export accreditation under threat as vast East Coast Inshore Fin Fish Fishery obligations stall (08/09/2020)

Fishing industry legend hooks #eatqld Champion gong (30/08/2020)

Australian tropical rock lobster exports to China and US recovering but volumes, prices remain low (29/08/2020)

Grants support jobs in fisheries businesses hit by coronavirus (15/08/2020)

Karumba barramundi fishing industry fights for survival (14/08/2020)

Queensland Government economic recovery grant for prawn exporter (15/07/2020)

Queensland Government economic recovery grant for tuna fishing industry (15/07/2020)

Prawn trawler crews head to Cloncurry to stay employed and upskill during COVID-19 crisis (09/06/2020)

New Queensland study to shed light on black jewfish population (29/05/2020)

Dog food market catches on to fish treats spiralling demand for North Queensland products (27/05/2020)

White spot disease discovered again in South East Queensland (21/04/2020)

Coronavirus cripples mud crabs as prices drop by two thirds amid transport nightmare (27/03/2020)

Coronavirus devastates Bowen's fishing industry, farmers face uncertain winter (23/03/2020)

Fishers want to relax shark fishing rules to stop predators taking their catch (23/03/2020)

Crab pot pincher nipped with fine (20/03/2020)

They go to sea - Australian Wild Prawns (09/03/2020)

Report shows rapid growth in Queensland aquaculture jobs (19/02/2020)

Gold Coast couple fined $53,000 for illegal crab haul (19/02/2020)

Coronavirus CORVID-19's hit to Queensland economy prompts $27 million aid package (18/02/2020)

Spanner crab populations saved from the brink of collapse, but fishers' plea to continue protections (04/02/2020)

Joint operation with QLD Water Police in the Torres Strait for the start of the Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery season (10/01/2020)

Boat crushing sends loud, clear message to illegal fishers (20/12/2019)

Suspected illegal consignments of beche-de-mer seized in Torress Strait fishery (04/10/2019)

Queensland fisheries face tighter regulations, but industry is not happy (08/09/2019)

Another 1000 jobs for North Queensland with world-first land-based sustainable lobster farm (05/09/2019)

'More lucrative than abalone': Jewfish dominate black market to meet Asia demand (01/09/2019)

Queensland’s new fisheries regulations commenced 1 September 2019 (01/09/2019)

Findings from trawler Dianne sinking inquest condemn bureaucrats (29/08/2019)

Tasmanian seafood giant Tassal expands into tropical north Queensland (24/08/2019)

How much meat is in that mud crab? (19/08/2019)

Illegal marine park fishing ends in hefty fine (09/08/2019)

Indigenous commercial fishing development draft policy released (09/08/2019)

Tougher Fisheries enforcement protects jobs in Mackay region (06/08/2019)

New generation of Fisheries patrol officers inducted (24/07/2019)

Last chance to have a say on proposed changes to Fisheries Regulation (20/06/2019)

Taking to the skies to protect our fisheries (20/06/2019)

“Fishal recognition” technology helps monitor commercial catches (13/03/2019)

Crushed boat sends stern warning to black market fishers (26/02/2019)

New South Wales

Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund Grants now open (26/03/2021)

Oyster farms were banking on a better 2021, instead they got rain on top of a 'trifecta of pain' (21/01/2021)

Five face charges for alleged stealing of $4 m worth of salmon at Sydney processing plant (18/01/2021)

more NSW news

Fishers given greater input into harvest strategies (24/11/2020)

Young NSW fishers launch new business podcast (19/11/2020)

Jervis Bay mussels in on key seafood markets with conservation-friendly farm (12/10/2020)

Commercial fishermen no more profitable after controversial fishing reforms in NSW (12/09/2020)

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Northern Territory

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